Spinning and Weaving Ada

Mirror modules, 3D animation

Spinning and Weaving Ada is a sculpture of mirror boxes and a 3D animation of a spider spinning a net out of the letters ADA LOVELACE. Ada Augusta Lovelace is a 19th century mathematician who’s notes contained algorithms that are considered to be the blueprint for the world’s first software and computer. She is seen not only as the first computer innovator, but also as a pioneer of the web. The animation is a homage to Ada Lovelace and the qualities associated with spinning and weaving: to connect, to make patterns and forms from a multitude of threads, to make nets and networks. 

“Insect Media”, Stefanie Hessler, Exhibition Text, palace enterprise (2023)
“Monstrous glitches and loving intensities”, Stefanie Hessler, The Ada Lovelace Institute (2023)
“Spinning and Weaving Ada”, Unweaving the binary code – Hannah Ryggen Triennale (2022)
“Ann Lislegaard at Overgaden, Copenhagen”, Yuki Higashino, springerin, issue 2 (2017)
“19. december”, Sanne Kofoed, Kunstkritikk.com, (2017)
“Lislegaard væver en fortælling om sprog og kommunikation,” Torben Weirup, Berlingske (2016)
“I øjenhøjde med algoritmen”, Pernille Lystlund Matzen, Information (2016)
“Netværkets mørke hjerte,” Louise Steiwer, Weekendavisen (2016)

Installation views: Insect Media, palace enterprise, Copenhagen, 2023; Unweaving the binary code – Hannah Ryggen Triennale, Kunsthall Trondheim, 2022; Konstpaus #7, Stockholm, 2021; LYDMUR, Svendborg, 2021; 11th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, 2016; Spinning and Weaving, Solo Exhibition, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 2016