SF2021: A Fantasy Odyssey

SeMA – Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
23 March – 6 June 2021

Group Exhibition

SF2021: A Fantasy Odyssey introduces contemporary art practices seeking the possibility of new thinking against the backdrop of the expansive spectrum of science fiction narratives. 

In this moment of time, we are at a point where the futures depicted in the historically important science fiction novels are becoming a reality one after another. In fact, how accurately these ‘ancient futures’ have predicted the present reality is not of much importance. Whatever has been anticipated, we are actually living in the world they imagined – from climate change and artificial intelligence to self-driving vehicles. With this in mind, the exhibition explores the chaotic world and virtual reality in the era of the pandemic through a newly-created worldview based on the artistic presentation of science fictional imagination, to connect the future brought about in the present.” (Excerpt from Press Release)