Fertile Ghosts

Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands
27 September – 27 December 2020

Solo Exhibition

“In the Genieloods arsenal boundaries between species become fluid and new hybrids are born. The voices of exctinct bird species are brought into the future, dark clouds of pollen inhabit a blossoming underworld, and a contact zone for interspecies communication is opened. Can a fertile world be re-established?

Kunstfort is proud to present the new solo exhibition by Ann Lislegaard (b.1962 – lives and works in Copenhagen). Lislegaard is internationally known for her visionary videos, animations, and sound-light installations that engage storytelling—specifically science fiction—to explore the malleability of human perception.

The subversive potential of science fiction enables everyday scenarios to be framed by unusual rules. Rather than deconstructing categories of language or meaning, these categories are multiplied, transformed, and transfixed. In Lislegaard’s work, experiences of simulated spheres are created by means of interdisciplinary hybrids and connections – between architecture and cinema, between fictional narratives, and between human beings, machines, and animals.” (Press Release)

Selected Press:
“‘Kwetsbaarheid is iets waar we ons meer bewust van moeten zijn’ – in gesprek met kunstenaar Ann Lislegaard”, Feature, Nadeche Remst, Metropolis M (2021)