Murder Murder 2010

Murder Murder
sound installation

In the installation MURDER MURDER pieces of the narrative of Sjöwall and Wahlöö’s novel Murder at the Savoy are re-introduced into the overall sound-scape of Malmø. Every day at 20.20 a gunshot can be heard echoing the initial event that puts the story into motion. A banner with the text: “Människor för vilka pengar betyder allt och som inte skyr några medel at skaffa sej dem” is placed on a major square. And lastly three persons perform an amplified live “hörspiele” in a public square – a cartography of the names and places mentioned in the novel, creating abstract patterns and new narrative tension between the space, the characters and their whereabouts. Central to my consideration has been how to address some of the themes of Sjöwall and Wahlöö’s book and make their vision of political crime story present in the very city that the narrative takes place. To this end I whish to introduced an element of change and restaging the original political engagement of the authors within the realm of possibility and unpredictability.


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